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Who We Are

The Target Marketing Tech Council is an exclusive membership organization for marketing industry leaders and top decision-makers. Our mission is to help members learn about the evolving marketing technology landscape, discover the latest in emerging marketing technologies and connect with industry peers.

We support our members as they navigate the transformation of their marketing organizations, by connecting them with innovative people, products and ideas that attract, serve and keep customers in the digital age.

Our peer-to-peer network is invaluable for identifying the most important new marketing technologies, discerning how those technologies integrate into your organization, exchanging ideas with industry leaders and peers, solving problems and making meaningful connections.

The Target Marketing Tech Council is presented by Target Marketing, the go-to resource for marketers determined to increase brand value. They are on the forefront of the ideas and technology driving marketing success across industries, sharing the stories of people who inspire innovation and profitability.

Hosted By

Erick Schonfeld and Neal Silverman, cofounders of Traction Technology Partners, have been finding and working with the world’s best startups and forward-thinking enterprises for over 25 years. They have an unparalleled track record of analyzing trends and picking technology winners. Coupled with their deep global network of the world’s top startup founders, venture capitalists, incubators, and engineers, they can bring to bear the right startups, products, and marketing technologies to council members. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Erick Schonfeld
Founding Partner
Traction Technology Partners

Neal Silverman
Founding Partner
Traction Technology Partners

Editorial Advisory Board

Our editorial advisory board is comprised of marketing tech futurists who analyze, review and present insightful content to our council members.

Anita Brearton

Heather Fletcher

Senior Content Editor

Target Marketing

Thorin McGee
 Content Director

Target Marketing

Sheryl Schultz

Travis Wright
CCP Digital

Charter Members

Join this elite network of peers navigating the vast world of marketing technology together. 

Brent Reinhard
Chase Business Banking

Michael W. Capriotti
VP, Integrated Care Management

Kelly Ford Buckley
Partner, CMO
Edison Partners

Ray L. Perry

Steven J. Powell
Vice President, Marketing, Growth Markets
ACI Worldwide


Keep on top of emerging marketing technologies, network with other marketing leaders and help set the agenda for the industry.

8 In-Depth Conferences
Get exclusive access to 8 industry thought-leader sessions, conducted online and moderated by technology journalist Erick Schonfeld. Learn from VCs, experts and founders of early-stage companies successfully addressing the industry with innovative marketing technology.
Currated Newsletter
Be among the first to know what’s going on in the market. We will bring you key insights on the news, trends, and people you need to know to stay on top of the latest in marketing technology.
Exclusive Access To Monthly Newscast
Each month industry experts will provide insights into what’s behind the top technology stories and business events through an interactive video newscast: You’ll also receive exclusive news and updates on emerging technologies.
Council Dinners
We host invitation-only dinners to help you create a strong professional network and connect with other Council members. We discuss and explore issues on how marketing technology is driving change in the business environment, as well as best practices of harnessing marketing technology.
Members-Only Business Network
Leverage the knowledge of fellow Council members every day through our private, online business network. Enjoy peer-to-peer sharing and real-time problem solving. Have your questions answered as they arise. Speed up your decision making. Get expert advice and assistance from your peers that will help you gain insights and avoid strategic missteps.
Company Contacts and Research
Grow your business network and knowledge database. Connect with peers on our platform and research new technologies. Receive profiles of—and contact information for—every company that presents at our virtual conferences and enjoy online access to recordings of each presentation.

You Have Questions
We have answers

Who is behind the Target Marketing Tech Council? What is your mission?

The Target Marketing Tech Council is hosted and managed by tech industry luminaries Erick Schonfeld and Neal Silverman of Traction Technology Partners in collaboration with Target Marketing and parent company NAPCO Media. Our mission is to offer industry insights and a structure for personal support to the Council’s members every day with the goal to transform industry knowledge into real business gains.

Target Marketing
Target Marketing is on the forefront of the ideas and technology driving marketing success across industries, sharing the stories of people who inspire innovation and profitability — the go-to resource for marketers determined to increase brand value.

NAPCO Media is a leading B-to-B media company specializing in creating community through content via integrated media programs, video services, marketing services, events and event management, custom content, eLearning and market research. NAPCO Media has rapidly expanded its portfolio to include NAPCO Video Services, NAPCO Events, NAPCO Marketing Services and NAPCO Research.

Why should I join the Target Marketing Tech Council?
The Target Marketing Tech Council connects you to the right people in the marketing technology industry to foster business, grow your network, and get new ideas. It provides an immensely valuable package of benefits to members, including Virtual Conferences, Council Dinners, a private Slack channel for peer-to-peer networking and information sharing, and exclusive marketing technology content.
Who can become a member of the Target Marketing Tech Council?
If you are a marketing decision-maker within your organization, Council membership may be for you. The Target Marketing Tech Council is designed for marketing leaders and connectors who want to keep on top of emerging technologies in marketing, network with other marketing leaders, and help set the agenda for the industry. If you are passionate about marketing, we welcome you to apply.
What benefits does the Target Marketing Tech Council provide to its members?
We support the marketing technology strategy and business objectives of members by leveraging our knowledge, access to startup innovation, and central position in the tech ecosystem: Our goal is to deliver actionable insight to executives who are driving digital transformation through the implementation of marketing technology projects in their own organizations. We provide Council members privileged access to industry expert mentorship, help them to expand their professional networks globally, and connect them with the world’s most innovative marketing technology startups and solution providers.
How does the Target Marketing Tech Council differ from other marketing technology industry groups?
We are not a standards body or a technical organization. The Council is at the center of an ecosystem that works on many levels across the marketing technology industry, allowing you to connect with the right people and meet with the companies that can help you accomplish your business goals. We have deep experience on the business side of marketing tech and we work with large players as well as startups that give us a window on the very latest innovations.
What does the membership fee include?
The membership package consists of:
  • One primary membership with access to all services and three additional team memberships with access to everything except the Council dinners and in-person events.
  • Eight virtual conferences moderated by Erick Schonfeld, with presentations from VCs, experts, marketing tech practitioners, and founders of marketing tech startups that are gaining traction in the marketplace.
  • Post-conference deliverables that will provide profiles of each presenting company with contact information and access to online video recordings of each presentation.
  • Newsletters and monthly interactive video newscasts that focus on emerging trends and provide insight into the top marketing technology stories.
  • Two invitation-only dinners that connect members with each other and with key players in marketing tech.
  • A members-only Slack channel that helps you to get knowledgeable answers to your questions as they arise.
How much does the Target Marketing Tech Council membership cost?
The individual membership is $1,200 per year comes with all benefits. The corporate membership fee is $3,600 per year. Each corporate membership consists of one primary membership with access to all services and three additional team memberships with access to everything except the Council dinners and Target Marketing events. Team memberships include access to our exclusive virtual conference series, company contacts research, a private Slack channel, newsletter, and monthly interactive video newscast.
How do I become a member?
Simply click here to register for membership, and we will notify you of the status of your application within 24 business hours.
How do I take advantage of the corporate discounts?
You can take advantage of the Corporate Membership by making use of the 5 discounted Target Marketing Tech Council memberships for your company to participate in the virtual events series.
Who should I contact if I have questions about my membership?
How can I get more information about the Target Marketing Tech Council?
How is the Target Marketing Tech Council managed?
The Target Marketing Tech Council is hosted and managed by Target Marketing and NAPCO Media and in cooperation with Traction Technology Partners’ Erick Schonfeld and Neal Silverman
What is your refund policy?
If you wish to cancel your annual subscription and request a full refund, you must email us to cancel your subscription within thirty (30) days of your initial purchase.

Event Schedule

  • April April 25 - Learn the Secrets of Marketing Automation

    Creating customer journeys from first contact through sales conversion, and beyond to customer success, is quickly becoming part of every marketer’s toolkit. Learn what are the best tools to make sure you are orchestrating, tracking, and analyzing your campaigns across every possible touchpoint—email, web, mobile, social, and chat. In this session, we will take a look at the latest marketing automation technologies, and do a deep dive into two of the hottest products in the category.
    Michael Sharkey, CEO and Co-Founder, Autopilot

    Ravi Parikh, CEO, Heap Analytics

    David Levy, CEO, The Levy Group

  • May May 16 - The Best Email Campaign Tools

    Email marketing platforms are getting more sophisticated as they plug into and enhance the rest of the marketing technology stack. Discover the latest features driving ROI today, new technologies pushing the product category forward, and companion tools that can make your email marketing efforts even more intelligent, personalized, and effective. Benchmark against best practices and segment based on behavioral cues.

    Colby Cavanaugh, SVP of Marketing, Emma
    Mac McIntosh, President, Mac McIntosh Incorporated
    Sateja Parulekar, Head of Product Marketing, Campaign Monitor

  • June June 27- Machine Learning + AI

    Machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies are starting to find their way into marketing and sales software products. Find out how AI is creating new capabilities from predictive analytics to automated AI-powered assistants who can create conversations to bring customers further down the marketing funnel. See presentations from:

    Infer—Machine Learning for predictive lead scoring and predictive analytics Conversica—AI assistant that automates email conversations with all your leads to qualify them for Sales Drawbridge—AI that tracks customers across devices.

  • July July 27 - Retargeting Strategies
  • October October 26 - The Keys To Content Marketing

    Good content allows marketers to create relationships and trust with potential customers at the very top of the marketing funnel. In this session, we will explore various content marketing strategies—from blogs and newsletters to video—and the technologies you need to make your brand shine.

  • November November 20 - How To Amplify Your Message With Social Marketing

    Social media is the great amplifier. But how do you make your message heard through all the noise? Learn the tips, tricks, and technologies behind winning social media strategies.

  • December December 5 - New Tools For Mobile Geo-Targeting

    Delivering the right message, in the right place, at the right time is the ultimate goal of all marketing technologies. With mobile geo-targeting, that goal is now within reach thanks to context-aware technologies and messaging platforms. Explore the best practices and platforms for reaching customers based on their location.